A personal introduction to a strategy for losers
Know thyself
Why a strategy for losers?

  • A theory of loneliness
  • Addiction - a stage in life's journey
  • Anti-poverty environmental projects - practical experience
  • Art, mental health and environment
  • Beyond suicidal economics
  • Clearer thinking
  • Conspiracies & conspiracy theories
  • Coping with arousal states
  • Cyber porn - the ethical issues
  • Desperation among young people
  • Development from within - psychology and ethics in bottom up change
  • Emotional first aid
  • Employment after mental health problems
  • Empowering the earth - strategies for social change - book review
  • Energy equality or energy kleptocracy
  • Energy rationing - alternative to war
  • Ethics and economic performance
  • Eventually hearing ear worms - learning a second language
  • Fame, the media and the dream factory
  • Flying the skull and bones
  • Fundamentalism in communities of belief
  • Give us this day our daily bread - food economy and food ecology
  • Harmonising social, environmental and economic development in local projects
  • How not to do community work
  • Immigration Detention Centre
  • Internet Campaigning - holding power structures to account
  • Life: University of the North Pole
  • Local and community economy projects in the UK
  • Meaning madness & recovery
  • Mental health and the environment
  • Mental health in locality and neighbourhood development
  • Military PR - resisting the manipulation of public support
  • Modernising Deceit
  • Negative and positive communication in social networks
  • Oil & world politics after the World Trade Center attacks
  • Paranoid worldviews - perception and self perception in politics
  • Pathologies and policies of time
  • Politics as attention seeking
  • Power, empowerment and the political system
  • Religion and philosophy
  • Self control
  • Sexuality, the market and mental health
  • Skivers and time wasters
  • Slaughtering animals and slaughtering people
  • The contexts of marketed sex
  • The courage to not come first
  • The human right to a peaceful death
  • The manufacture of consent as emotional and cultural management
  • The measurement of performance in the community & voluntary sector
  • The new testament re-evaluated
  • The psychology of superiority and racism
  • The voluntary and community sector - A need for reform?
  • Participating in the Tao - "The Web of Life"
  • Understanding Collapse
  • Understanding mental breakdowns as life management breakdowns
  • Upbringing and psychosis
  • User involvement - from consultancy to consultation
  • Wars against terrorism
  • Whistle blowing - the psychodynamics of office conflict
  • Work stress, performance & emotional management
  • World politics in the age of oil depletion

  • Stories & Travels

    Nottingham in 2004

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