Mooney with some specks from the creek
Real gold though!!!
De Dupster on the deck
Kootenai in the background
Holding up the 
'Skinny Socialist Sharpshooter' award

The gang at the Red Dog
Awards & dinner.
Kitco Poker Championship
Real gold & silver on the table
CashCobb - Gold Baron - Mooney by da bar
Kapex (holding da gun) 
With a kilo bar in front of him.
Duppy standing - AuWolf wid da ace high
EB  with the big grin

Earl - trying to turn his Six Alarm ribs
back into a fire alarm
Duppy - "trying" to BBQ

Ross - Going for the gold
He almost hit the target...
At the shootout
Norwester hamming it up...

Norwester in his fire fighting pose
A feast for all - ribs galore

Down at the range
EB - counting his fiat

Corner of the Great Room
Real gold and booze on the board
Waiting for some real men to stand up...
EB - NW'er - Duppy - CashCobb
Outside the operations center...